Building the ideal bench position with a bench press grip mat - Anvil Powerlifting

Building the ideal bench position with a bench press grip mat - Anvil Powerlifting

Bench press is a highly technical lift. Read any source based in exercise science written by any coach, trainer or doctor with real world lifting experience and they will tell you the same things about building a big bench.
Get tight. Pull the bar out of the rack. Let the weight settle. Row the bar to your chest. Push yourself away from the bar. Engage your lats. Flare your elbows. Use your leg drive.

But what does this all really mean? Just like anything else in life, you won’t know until you are stuck under a bar with real weight on it and no choice but to nail every point on the technical checklist to move that weight with any chance of success. 
This requires training with sub-maximal weights using the same ‘as close to perfect as possible’ technique consistently. On a commercial bench, with no surface for your upper back to grip, this just isn’t possible. But with the Anvil Grip Mat? Building the ideal bench position is achievable on any bench, on any surface, at any gym.

Currently undergoing rigorous testing, soon to be released online, the Grip Mat is a cheap, portable, washable and extremely versatile solution for anyone who wants to train the bench press the way it needs to be trained.

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