Dynamic Bench Set Up with Bands - Anvil Powerlifting

Dynamic Bench Set Up with Bands - Anvil Powerlifting

Another Dynamic Bench Set Up with Bands.
Dynamic training should be conducted with low weight (50% or less of perceived max) and 100% intensity, using normal weight, resistance bands or chains. We use dumbbells to secure the bands on the ground and do 8 sets of 3 reps. The weight should be lowered under control, and pressed explosively with an intensity that should reflect the intensity used for a Max Effort lift.
Form/technique should be as close to perfect as possible.

We use the Anvil Grip Mat, designed and manufactured by us, which allows us to achieve extremely high levels of upper back grip on a commercial bench. This prevents us from slipping, maximising how tight we can get our upper back and our leg drive through the entire lift.

Grip Mat will be available to everyone soon, just finalising testing now!

Let us know your thoughts on Dynamic Bench with Bands.

Train Smart, Train Hard.

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