A Note On Spotters - Anvil Powerlifting

A Note On Spotters - Anvil Powerlifting

A note on spotters: By no means do I think my spotting technique is perfect; allowing the bar to be lifted off the rack instead of pulled out of the hooks is just one example, however as a spotter you need to be paying as much (if not more) attention than the lifter themselves. You are there to keep them safe and maximise the results of their lift. Some key steps are helping the lifter stay as tight as possible, allowing the weight to settle, always being in a position to provide a safety net, and making sure the bar is racked safely again. The heavier the weight, the more involved the spotter should be.

Let me know your thoughts on spotters.

Train Smart, Train Hard.

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(Article Edited, Proof Read, and Fact-Checked by Charlotte Officer)

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