Please contact us as soon as you have found a fault with the product.

Do not continue to use the product as this might void the warranty.

By law we do require proof of purchase to assess items under warranty.

Items will only be assessed if they are clean and hygienic for our staff to handle them under the OHS act. If an item is not clean on arrival we may refuse to fix it or you may be charged a cleaning fee of $45.00.

We will endeavour to fix or replace as soon as possible if it’s covered under warranty.

Warranties generally cover manufacturing defaults and workmanship and do not cover misuse or inappropriate use, as well as general wear and tear.

Warranty lengths do vary for different products; please contact us to find these out.

NOTE: For Custom Training Belts - These products are made to order, and are inspected thoroughly by Anvil Team Members prior to being sent to you. If there are any faults with your product, please let us know as soon as possible.

Please use the website login recovery tool located on in the customer login page. If you’re still having problems, please contact us. You will be required to verify your identity prior to any changes being made to your account.

We offer custom design and merchandising services for a range of products including shirts and training belts. We are always looking to expand our custom product lists. For most of our custom products, no minimums apply.

Please contact us for more information.

The only way to place an order of a normal product is via our website. We do not take orders over e-mail or phone for these items.

Custom bulk orders can be organised via e-mail and can be paid through the website or direct deposit.

You can put your discount code in the designated field during checkout. Make sure the discount you provide is valid and relevant to the item you are purchasing.

If you order within Australia you will not need to pay any customs and/or duty charges.

If you order outside of Australia you will have to check the customs and/or duty charges for your country. 

In short, it depends on the federation and their rules. Powerlifting Australia goes by World Powerlifting Federation rules, which state:

"4.8 BELT
To be allowed for use in a Powerlifting Competition, a Belt –
(i) can only be worn on the outside of the lifter’s Suit and between the lifter’s ribcage and hips
(ii) shall be a single band of leather, of maximum width 10cm and maximum thickness 13mm
(iii) may not have any padding or supports attached to or within any part of the Belt
(iv) shall have a lever or pronged buckle attached by studs or stitching to one end of the band of leather, so as to affix the belt closed around the lifter’s ribcage to hip area
(v) shall, if a belt with a pronged buckle, have one loop around the band of leather so as to affix any part of the band of leather which protrudes past the buckle onto the Belt; no more than 20cm of the band of leather may extend past that loop
(vi) must be either plain i.e. of a single colour with no logo or emblems, or patterned i.e. covered in total or part with a pattern but with no logos or emblems and may bear the lifter’s name and/or the logo or emblem of the lifter’s nation and /or the logo or emblem of commercial entities approved by the World Powerlifting Board and/or logos or emblems of the manufacturer of the Belt, all save as to Rule 4.12."

We recommend checking with an approved meet coach/representative prior to competing, or checking the rulebook before designing your belt to ensure it meets your Federation requirements.

Custom leather weightlifting belts

If everything goes according to plan our average production time for a custom weightlifting belt is 6 - 8 weeks. Unfortunately, that is a long period of time for anything to go wrong like a global pandemic for example. Sometimes we can get a custom belt done in less than 5 weeks and others can take more than 10 weeks.

We have 4 stages of production where you will receive updates.

1. Order Received And Processed -

This is confirmation that we have processed your order and sent it to the workshop for production without needing any further information from you. This should be completed within a couple of business days from when you place the order depending on demand at the time.

2. Order In Production -

This means that the warehouse has just picked up your paperwork and is getting started on gathering all your materials. For a more accurate timeframe, this is where the 5 - 7 week production time should start. This period will be the longest you will wait before another update as it can take weeks for a custom belt to go through all our production stations and we make belts as they are ordered so yours could be waiting in a line.

3. Almost complete -

You will receive this update when your belt is coming to the end of production and is almost complete and ready for quality checking.

4. Final stages -

This update will be sent when your belt is finished production and is going through the final quality check. During this stage, any imperfections will be fixed or if there is a major mistake like a word spelt wrong we will get it fixed before any other belt moves through that station.

If the belt is of a high standard of manufacturing then the next notification you will get is a tracking number meaning it has been packed up and shipped off.

Some things that can affect this process and delay your custom belt include:

Weather: If it is humid it is very difficult to work with leather until it is dry and this is something we cannot control.

Complex customisation: If you have ordered a complex design, this can take time to design and get ready for the embroidery machine or printer.

Shipping: When complete, the belts are shipped to a different location that is much cleaner than the workshop for final quality checks, packing and shipping. Then shipped out to you. We rely on AusPost and local couriers for this and they can also have unexpected delays.

Demand: If we are receiving a high demand of custom belt orders this can really push our average production time way out. We are always trying to improve our production process to handle these high demand times.

We have an article called "TRAINING BELTS: THE BEGINNER’S GUIDE" which should give you a better idea of what type of belt you should use and you can find that at the following link. Ultimately your belt will depend entirely on you and your training which is why it is difficult for us to give a straight answer to this question for each individual person.


Some very basic starting points are:

- The training belt style and any 6.5mm thickness belts are for lighter weight training as they are quite thin and will mould with the body.

- Buckel and lever power belts 10mm thick are for heavy weight training and are by far the most common belt types and thickness.

- 13mm thickness is for competition only and is very uncomfortable. You should only ever get 13mm thickness if you are 100% sure you know how stiff this thickness is and 13mm thickness should never be used in general training.

Belt levers are designed to become more secure as more outward pressure is applied to them. What this means for a lifting belt is that the lever doesn't latch shut unless the belt is on, and becomes more secure the more outward force you apply against the belt.

Belts and levers will not necessarily stay closed when not being used as there is no outward pressure being applied as needed.

Shipping and delivery

Although we are Australian based and focused, we ship to almost every country in the world.

Shipping will be calculated at checkout depending on size, weight and your location.

Typically, it takes 3-5 business days to receive your order within Australia (please note this is not the production time of custom products only when they are shipped. Please see the custom products section for production information on these products).

We ship using Australia Post, so we come under the same shipping cost and shipping times they deliver. For locations outside of Australia you can visit the Australia Post website and get an estimate of how long shipping will take to your location.

Use our Australian warehouse location ( STAFFORD QLD 4053 ) in the "FROM" section when calculating.

Postage calculator & delivery times - Australia Post (auspost.com.au)

All orders (including international orders) can be tracked via the Australia Post tracking website using the tracking number you were sent via email. If you didn't receive an email, please check your junk/spam before contacting us.

Track your items - Australia Post (auspost.com.au)

Please ensure your shipping address is entered as Google Maps displays it. This is very important as we do not hand deliver packages and do not control the postal service.

Once we post a package it's all up to the postal service to get it to you; all they have is the address you entered.

If you entered the wrong address and completed your order, please contact us ASAP so we can try to get it changed before it's shipped or redirected before it's delivered.

Once we post a package it's all up to the postal service to get it to you; all they have is the address you entered.

If you entered the wrong address and completed your order, please contact us ASAP so we can try to get it changed before it's shipped or redirected before it's delivered.

If your tracking is showing delivered we highly advise asking around your neighbourhood and at the local sorting office/post office to see whether the parcel has been left either with one of your neighbours or taken back to the sorting office. On many occasions, a next-door neighbour has picked up the package from the front door for safe keeping until you get home. 

If you check all the above mentioned places and the parcel is still nowhere to be found, you can contact Australia Post to see if they have any further information. Unfortunately, as the sender, we cannot access as many details as you, the receiver, so we advise you to contact Australia Post first. If no information can be found, please contact us with your order number and any details that may help us investigate.

Exchange & Return

In order to refund, return or exchange your purchase, you need to do so within 30 days of purchase. The product must be received by us in the same condition that you received it in. Original tags, box, unworn, undamaged and able to be resold. 

We do not accept returns on perishable items, intimates, gift cards, custom items or digital products.

After we receive your item, we will inspect the item(s) and process your refund if the item is in a good condition. 

Your money will be refunded by the same method you paid for it. This may take between 5 and 10 business days, depending on your payment method. 

To start the process, please send us an email with the following information:

Your name

Order number

The issue (faulty product, wrong size)

What you'd like (exchange or refund)


You can shop safely on our website as we use SSL certificate to establish a secure encrypted connection.

Yes, you will. It will contain the address that you selected for your order to be shipped to and other useful information.

You should always receive a confirmation e-mail after the order is successfully placed. If you have not received one, please check your spam folder before contacting us.

If you are experiencing problems with our website, please, try all of the below solutions first before contacting us:

- Clear your browser’s cache

- Use your browser in incognito mode

- Use a different browser

- Use a different device

- Restart your device

Non-custom products

Due to the speed at which the orders are processed and dispatched, it is unlikely we will be able to amend the address or change the colour/size/delivery method before the order is dispatched.

If an item has already been shipped but not delivered, you can contact Australia Post to have it redirected to a new address.

If you would like a different size/colour and the package has already been shipped, we are happy to process a return or exchange.

Still, it is very important to make sure that everything is correct before you hit that confirmation button.

Custom products

Once a custom item has gone into production it is unlikely it can be changed.

At this time, we are an online retailer only. Other than our main office/warehouse, which is not open to the public, we do not have a physical store that you can come and visit.