Conditioning, Endurance and Toughness - Anvil Powerlifting

Conditioning, Endurance and Toughness - Anvil Powerlifting

Are you tough enough to train?

GPP (General Physical Preparedness), Conditioning, Endurance, Toughness, there are many names for it but the concept is the same. You might be hitting the gym hard, shifting some serious weight, feeling strong, but if your body isn’t conditioned to handle a high intensity workload that taxes your Central Nervous System, something will go wrong. Small injuries become big, progress won’t be made, the damage will be done, recovery won’t happen.

It is vital that you prepare your body just to get under that bar, by doing activities outside of your programmed lifting sessions that increase your level of conditioning. A perfect example of this is weighted walking. Touted by Jim Wendler as the solution to the majority of his minor health problems, and recognised by veterans across the world as a Surefire way to strip unnecessary weight and train your body to handle higher workloads with minimal impact, weighted walking for 20+ minutes a couple of times a week is a great way to increase your ability to recover and prepare yourself for those heavy sessions in the gym.

Other options for conditioning include sled pulls, weighted carries, and even sprints, circuits or body weight exercises.

Note for enthusiastic people: jumping straight to a 30kg vest was not my wisest decision and the vest pictured above is officially my most hated piece of equipment for the time I spend in it every week.

Let us know your thoughts on conditioning, endurance and toughness.

Train Smart, Train Hard.

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