Floor Press Work - Anvil Powerlifting

Floor Press Work - Anvil Powerlifting

Some Floor Press work last night, after some Max Effort Reverse Grip Bench, first time trying the reverse grip and can’t recommend it enough. We used low rails on the power rack for a full depth isometric variation, allowing us to maximise our work on the push without risking injury on the negative part of a new movement pattern. Highly recommend reverse grip as it automatically forces the body into a vertical forearm bench position and demands an incredibly tight back and tucked elbow position fully engaging the lats at the bottom of the press. This movement pattern is much more effective for heavier weights, even when switching back to a normal bench grip.

Floor press for sets of 8 around 80% perceived max just to really frag that tricep lockout and take the lower body out of the equation.

Let us know your thoughts on floor press.

Train Smart, Train Hard.

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