Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt Options

If you're unsure what type of belt is right for you check out our article Training Belts: The Beginner’s Guide.

The following are some of the options we offer on our custom belt builder. This is a basic options we could make on the online belt builder. If you have a design that can’t be made using this designer tool, please email us with your idea and as much detail as possible (with drawings, images, or screenshots) and we will work with you to create a design. 

Belt Type: We offer 3 styles of weightlifting belt.

Tongue Type (Powerlifting Buckle only): If you choose the Powerlifting Buckle style of belt you will have the following 3 tongue options.


Buckle Type: For the Powerlifting Buckle and Weight Training styles we offer the following 3 types of buckle

Stitching Type: We have the following two types of stitching.


 Inside/ Outside material options: